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Sabtu, 09 November 2013

children opening the first bank account

Excess gifts that have children today , often lead to their receiving money . Some parents , since the child is an infant , choose to open a savings account .

Many banks and building societies offer savings accounts for children. This child -saving concept , which is closely linked to gifts and promotions offered by banks , has no other purpose than to retain children as future customers.

Children up to 4 years

It is very common that many parents open the book to the child even before it is born. These books have an almost negligible cost , so more than to save , are practical for parents to set aside money for future expenses of the child.

Choose the bank is a matter of browse thousands of offers, promotions , gifts , discounts ... most have no commissions or fees, and serve for the child to continue using it once you start really need it .

Children from 4 years

From the books for this age children begin to offer better terms . Some of saving even 4% , plus insurance (eg in case of death of a parent ) .

Later, with 14 to 15 , many children begin to have more money overall . Some banks offer the possibility of debit cards, with parental permission . Do not forget that the account will also name a family member of the child. In addition , children can not have a credit card to 18 , as they can not sign any contract until then.

To compare offers and fine print, it is recommended that we contact with any consumer association .